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At Crudie School we have a Pupil Parliament rather than a Pupil Council. In the Pupil Parliament everyone is involved and has a chance to have their say in the work of the school.

Every second Thursday we meet in our school groups. These are committees comprising of P3-P7 pupils. We have four committees.

Waste Warriors overseen by Miss MacPherson. This group looks at recycling and sustainability.

Nature Nurturers overseen by Mrs Rickard. This group looks at our environment and nature.

Rotakids overseen by Mrs Parker. This group looks at being part of the community and how we can help others.

Health Heroes overseen by Mrs Gallon. This group looks at how we can keep ourselves safe and healthy.

The groups decide on a focus for their work and then teach the rest of the school what they have been learning. In the past we have had A Waste of a Morning where the Waste Warriors taught everyone about the importance of reusing and recycling plastics. The Rotakids have put on activities to raise money for Children in Need. The Health Heroes have secured funding from Banffshire Community Action Team to purchase reflective bands for each pupil so they can be seen on dark nights. The Nature Nurturers have hosted a Big School Birdwatch and encouraged birds to our garden.