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School Uniform

All children wear school uniform and this gives our pupils a sense of identity and feeling of pride about their school.  School uniform consists of:

  • Purple sweatshirt/cardigan/hoodie/fleece embroidered with the school logo.
  • White polo shirt embroidered with the school logo.
  • Dark trousers/skirt or pinafore
  • Dark shoes (no high heels)
  • For PE, all children are required to wear PE kit which consists of shorts, t-shirt and gym shoes.  The kit should be kept in a bag in school during the week.

All items of clothing should be clearly marked with your child’s name.  Uniform can be ordered direct from Buchan Embroidery or Tesco.

Alternatively, order forms are available from the school office.  Children who wear earrings are required to remove them or cover them with micropore tape (provided by the parents) during PE to prevent accidents.